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Live Happy is a company dedicated to promoting and sharing authentic happiness through education, integrity, gratitude and community awareness. Our mission is to impact the world through a happiness movement that inspires people to engage in living purpose-driven, healthy, meaningful lives. We're a magazine, website, resource and movement about a timeless quest: Living a happy life.

Happiness empowers us to make a positive difference in our lives and in the lives of others. Happier people are healthier, more satisfied with life and their relationships, and they live longer. Come with us on our journey to live happy and spread that joy to our readers. Happiness is a journey anyone can take and it starts with just one step.

Understanding happiness takes an open mind.

We are fortunate to be living in a time when the study of happiness is growing rapidly all around the globe. Led in large part by positive psychologists and their colleagues, this research proves previously elusive correlations, like the tie between compassion in the workplace and the bottom line. It also is breaking totally new ground, like the gene-level impact of positive emotions. Live Happy makes this science understandable and relevant. We report on innovative, cutting-edge research in the context of real life, authentic issues and common-sense realities.

Applying happiness is easy to do and its effect multiplies with repetition.

Once we understand the power of happiness, it changes our thinking, actions and conversations. Happier people are healthier, more satisfied with life and their relationships, and they live longer.

By helping people have a happy home and family life, make a good marriage, find and grow faith, work well with others, experience fun, creativity and joy, and live life well, Live Happy brings the happiness movement to a personal level.

We’re pleased, excited and honored to be on this happiness journey with you. Come with us on our journey to live happy and spread that joy to our readers. Happiness is a journey anyone can take. Please tell your friends and family about us.

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The Live Happy Leader

 Deborah K. Heisz, COO and Co-Founder

As COO and Co-Founder of Live Happy LLC, Deborah K. Heisz is responsible for the management and development of the Live Happy business and creative operations. She joins the Live Happy team with more than nine years of experience leading and growing successful startups in the publishing industry and 20-plus years of management experience in a variety of fast-moving organizations.

Deborah was the founding Editor in Chief of the current version of SUCCESS magazine (2008-2011). Also, as SVP of Publishing, in 2005 she successfully launched a thriving custom publishing business with several newsstand titles. She has also led the development of several multi-language titles, including placement on newsstands in Korea, Japan and countries in Europe.

Deborah has a B.A. in English from Texas Tech University and an MBA from the University of Dallas. Her most significant asset is her expertise in starting and developing business initiatives. In prior roles, she has successfully led groups with responsibilities ranging from IT to Marketing to Product Development.

What brings her the most happiness in the world is spending time in the great outdoors with her family and dogs. Her greatest source of joy and wonder is watching her three children learn, experience life and ask questions without filter.






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Creative Director—Kathryn Finney 
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Art Director—Kim Baker
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Copy Editors—Michelle Beck, Jim Gold
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